Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin, Pumpkin what do you see??

     Pumpkin, pumpkin what do you see??  How about an exhausted teacher!!  Wow!! It's been a busy week.. Why is it so hard to get back into the swing of things after a break??  Needless to say my little kids were in full swing this week and very excited about our unit on Pumpkins.
     We started off the week with a mystery bag (which had a pumpkin in it).  I gave clues and they had to guess...deductive reasoning at its best!!  I had it in my old lunch student guessed was so funny!!  We read some great books: Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins, I Like Pumpkins, The Smallest Pumpkin, and Halloween Pie.   We really focused on writing words and sentences this week.  My students are getting much better at this..practice makes perfect!!
We painted and glittered paper plates and wrote. . I  like pumpkins.

We sequenced the life cycle of  a pumpkin!!  They just love  showing off their work!!
Hard at it!!

Our finished products!!

She did so great on her sentence writing.  We really focused on handwriting and making sentences!!
Science Time!!  Our would it sink or float experiment!!

Scooping out the guts!!!

Comparing Pumpkins..inside and out!!!

Our Art Project...painting baby pumpkins!!  Thanks Donna and Missy...and Mr. Shehane for taking pics and sharing the pumpkins!!!

By the end of the week I had some tired little kids!!!

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